Interestingly enough, even though workers spend more time at the workplace, it doesn’t always translate to an increase in efficiency or productivity.

However, a good leader will help their employees make the most of their time at the workplace to keep performance levels high and stay successful.

  • Match Tasks to Skill Level

To maximize efficiency, consider the personality and skills of your employees before assigning tasks and projects. An outgoing and out-of-the-box thinker might have a hard time doing an independent, detail-oriented task, but they may thrive in brainstorming sessions or pitching ideas to clients.

  • Communicate Effectively

Every manager understands that communication is key to leading a successful team. While most workplace communication is done through emails, the sheer amount of emails that employees receive each day can hinder efficiency. To help improve your effectiveness, encourage employees to diversify their methods of communication. A healthy mix of face-to-face communication and emails can create a better balance and increase productivity.

  • Incentivize Employees

Most managers find success keeping their employees on task by creating incentive programs. These rewards can be anything from gift cards, to a company-catered lunch, to earning extra PTO.

  • Train Employees

Unfortunately, when companies are trying to create more time to get more work done, training programs can decrease or disappear altogether. This is actually a huge mistake. When employees aren’t properly trained in their own positions or even general company procedures or policies, it can lead to an increase of mistakes and decrease productivity, since so much time has to be devoted to correcting those mistakes.

Instead, review and analyze your training programs to make sure they are thorough yet not excessive with unnecessary information. Oftentimes, a blended program that includes hands-on training and self-guided methods or video training is quite successful.

Hire Star Employees to Build an Efficient Team

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