It’s essential to do your part to keep a safe workplace. As an employee who might operate a forklift, safety is a top responsibility. While forklift safety is a top priority, following a few simple tips can make this responsibility a lot easier.

By following these simple tips, you can keep yourself safe as well as your coworkers. Keeping you and your coworkers safe can help the entire team make deadlines and performance standards, as well.

  • Forklift Operators Must be Fully Qualified

To safely operate the forklift, you must be fully trained and possess a valid license to operate the machine. While these qualifications are usually necessary to get hired, you may also find job opportunities that provide the training onsite.

  • Wear Proper Clothing

Usually, the proper uniform for a forklift operator includes a hard hat, safety shoes, and a high-visibility jacket. Clothing must not be too loose as this can get caught in machinery and cause an accident.

  • Equipment Must be Inspected Before Use

Every qualified forklift operator should be proficient in checking the machine before use. Look for faults in the brakes, steering, controls, warning devices, mast, and tires. You should also understand the best ways to pick up and put down each load as proper positioning may be different from start to finish.

  • Avoid Hazards

If you see a safety hazard in your warehouse, even in your forklift’s path, you should avoid it and take the proper steps to fix the hazard. If you’re unable to fix or clear the hazard yourself, contact the appropriate team member for help. Hazards like bumps, uneven ground, slippery conditions, or loose objects may seem harmless, but they could cause a major accident that results in messes or injuries.

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