A warehouse is a busy place, and there are so many ways for a simple accident or minute of negligence can turn into a serious accident. These accidents could cause a loss of productivity, worker’s comp, or even worse, the loss of life.

As a manager, you can take just a few simple steps to keep your employees safe.

Follow these four suggestions to help ensure your workers are safe while working in the warehouse.

  • Identify All Hazards

Take time to evaluate and identify potential hazards in the warehouse. From slippery floors to cables or loose wires, there are several simple yet significant hazards that can cause injury to your employees. Odd objects or materials that are out of place can cause employees to slip or trip, and can even damage equipment. These are all hazards that you need to look out for.

  • Keep it Clean

Another way to help keep your workers safe in the warehouse to keep the environment clean. Dust, mud, grime, debris, or spills can cause slippery surfaces, which can lead to accidents and injuries. Be sure to provide several trash cans, push brooms, and other appropriate cleaning supplies throughout the warehouse so you can make the task of cleaning easier and more readily available no matter what time of day.

You should also have a cleaning schedule in place, and this needs to be followed. Not only will this help your machines last longer, keep the productivity flow strong, but it will also help keep your workers safe.

  • Provide Training

No matter how long an employee has worked in a warehouse, processes and equipment can change, so it’s important to provide training to keep your team up-to-date. It’s not uncommon for employees (and even managers) to feel tempted to cut corners to save time, so regular training can also help emphasize the importance of following proper safety protocol.

  • Regularly Inspect Equipment

All equipment, from forklifts to sprinkler systems to safety equipment, must be inspected periodically to be sure they are in proper working condition. Both employees and managers should have shared responsibilities to ensure that all equipment is working safely and efficiently.

Keep Your Employees Motivated & Safe at Work

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