The first day on the job for a new hire can be nerve-wracking, exciting, disorganized, and even stressful. While you can’t change every aspect of a new hire’s first day, by taking a few calculated steps, you do have the ability to make the first day positive and productive.

Have a Plan

To help your new hires have a successful first day, you should first be prepared for them. Have a plan for their first day, and be sure that they don’t feel like an afterthought. Be intentional with their training, who they interact with, and what meetings they should attend. You should have any necessary paperwork, passwords, or computer access ready for your new hire. While you want to make their first day productive, you should also plan out time for them to casually get to know their coworkers, so the day isn’t overpacked and stressful.

Inform Your Team

Your team will be excited to have another worker aboard, but they won’t be thrilled if you don’t keep them in the loop on when the new hire will start, or how you want them to help with training. As you plan the first day (or first week) for a new hire, be thoughtful about how you want to introduce them to the team. Once you plan that, you should inform your team so each meeting with the new hire can be meaningful.

Make Introductions

As you prepare to make introductions for the new hire, consider how to make those introductions more valuable. Instead of only giving the name of your new hire, share a bit of their background and how they will be contributing to the success of your team. Not only will your existing team members learn a bit about the new hire, but you will boost the confidence of your new hire. This might not seem like a big deal, but a confidence boost on the first day can propel your new hire to success.

Find a Great Candidate to Hire

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