Working with wood is a passion for carpenters, and the skill set required is admirable. But beyond mastering the skills necessary to be a successful carpenter, safety is incredibly important. If a carpenter neglects safety, they risk being severely injured, missing work, and lost wages.

5 Safety Tips for Carpenters

Avoid accidental injuries and follow these safety tips. While they may seem simple, these safety tips are extremely important.

  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Protective personal equipment (PPE) is essential for carpenters, yet it’s often overlooked. Whether a carpenter is cutting wood, removing a nail, or applying adhesives, it only takes a moment for a serious mistake to occur and cause injury. Safety glasses, respiratory masks, and proper clothing are necessary for carpenters to use to stay safe on the job.

  • Be Responsible

As a professional, you must be responsible on the job. Always do your work seriously and fight any temptation to participate in consuming alcoholic beverages or any illegal substances. These can impair your judgment and accuracy, which will put you and your workers at risk of injury. Look out for your coworkers as well, and if you notice any abnormal behavior, speak up.

  • Check Your Tools

As a carpenter, you will use a variety of tools on any given day. Before you use your tools, make sure they have all their parts intact, including safety guards. Keep your tools sharp, clean, in good condition, and then place them away neatly so they will continue to work well for you and all your projects.

  • Stay Focused

There are plenty of distractions that can arise during your workday. From cell phone distractions to commotion around you, it can be hard to stay focused on your work. Do what you can to minimize distractions by turning your phone on silent or placing it in a safe place. Ask your supervisor for any tips they may have, as well.

  • Ask for Help

Your job as a carpenter is physically demanding. Be sure to ask for help if you need help lifting a heavy object, or anything similar. Stay safe by taking breaks when you’re physically exhausted or stretching, so you don’t pull a muscle. All of your physical labor on the job can be tiring, but asking for help will keep you safe and allow you to do your best work.

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