Construction candidates can present a wide variety of skills and experience when their applications come to your desk or even in the shortlist you want to interview. This can sometimes make it especially difficult to decide which candidate is best for the job.

Ultimately, you want to hire the candidate who makes you feel that you can’t afford to let them work for someone else. But what does that candidate look like?

  • Stability

It’s important for a construction candidate to have a provable work history that shows long-term loyalty, rather than one that only stays for short periods of time. Aside from niche construction workers, it’s costly to experience employee turnover and can slow down project time. Pay attention to how long a candidate spent at their previous jobs while you consider other important factors as well.

  • Relevant Experience

This seems like a no brainer, but it’s not uncommon for construction candidates to use lingo that suggests they have experience when in reality, they lack the relevant skills you need. Be specific in the job description about the skills and expertise you require, then accept nothing less. A hire that does not have the experience you need can be at a safety risk, require additional training than you have the time or money to support, or could even cost you greater employee turnover.

  • Flexibility

Especially in the construction field, a good employee should be flexible. This means that they should be willing to do what is necessary in any situation. For example, even a superintendent may need to step in and perform as a laborer or foreman occasionally. Flexibility is being a team player, and that is a top quality you should look for in a construction candidate.

  • Communication

You want to hire a candidate who can communicate well with confidence. Whether you are looking for a sales candidate or a foreman, they must be able to represent your company professionally. During the interview, you should also consider how the candidate acts, body language, and how they present themselves. When you hire an employee, you are hiring a representative, so you should look for candidates who demonstrate strong communication skills.

You will come across hundreds of applications and candidates with a variety of strengths and experiences. Be sure to strongly consider the applicants with these qualities to be most successful.

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