Everyone knows that construction workers wear personal protective equipment. But personal protective equipment (PPE) goes beyond safety glasses and hard hats. Be sure you understand PPE differences and provide them for your workers.

Types of PPE for Construction Workers

Here are four important types of personal protection equipment for your construction team. This handful is common, but some other gear may be important for specific areas of construction.

Protective Gloves

There are different kinds of protective gloves, and the type of project will determine which type of gloves your workers need.

  • Leather or Canvas – Protects against cuts, burns, and punctures.
  • Fabric – Protects against dirt, chafing, and abrasions.
  • Insulating Rubber – Protects against electrical hazards.
  • Chemical or Liquid-Resistant – Protects against a variety of chemicals and liquids. Depending on the job, there are specific protective gloves that you must consider.

Hearing Protection

Protecting your workers’ hearing is extremely important. Depending on the noise level, comfort, and job, you can choose the right hearing protection for your workers.

  • Pre-molded Ear Plugs – Comes in different sizes, but does not form a custom fit.
  • Formable or Foam Ear Plugs – When placed in the ear, it will expand to fit snugly, protecting the ear canal.
  • Earmuffs – Worn on the outside of the ear and lined with acoustic foam, proper noise protection depends on how the fit seals around your ears.

Face Shields

Full face shields extend from the eyebrows down to below the chin. These are often used to protect a worker’s face from chemical splashes. Some of these masks are specially formulated to also protect against radiation.

Respiratory Protection

Inhalation of hazardous elements can cause health issues for workers immediately or over time. While some basic face masks can be a simple barrier against dirt or dust, other situations can require the use of ventilators to keep workers safe.

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