The construction industry is unlike many other businesses, yet managers are still encouraged to implement new work rules that comply with health guidelines pertaining to COVID-19. Social distancing is one of the most popular guidelines being propagated, but how does that look on a job site?

Ideas to Help Your Construction Workers Practice Social Distancing

While it takes some creativity, it’s not impossible to abide by social distancing guidelines with these tips.

Plan the Workday

To practice social distancing, you will need to plan the day and keep in mind several details. Sketch out where each crew will be when, and then figure out if anyone has to work within six ft of each other. If those situations arise, then you will need to get your construction workers to agree and sign to wear appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE).

Create Flexible Schedules

Many construction companies can switch to flexible schedules for their workers without too much extra thought. Staggering lunch breaks and shifts can limit the number of workers congregating in common areas.

Implement Sensible PPE Rules

Personal protective equipment (PPE) plays an important role in keeping your construction workers safe on the job site. Your workers may not always have the ability to practice social distancing, and PPE can keep them safe during otherwise risky situations.

Find Capable Construction Workers

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