Fostering leadership is healthy and important for any company. When this is a priority, it boosts morale, improves employee retention, and can increase overall company productivity.  

Instead of only promoting employees based on skills or a set of prescribed metrics for success to determine leadership opportunities, managers should also dive deeper into their employee’s passions and motivations. 

Three Ways to Cultivate Leaders

A good manager is also a good leader, guiding and empowering their team. To help your employees grow into leaders, try to instill these values.  


A team that works well together functions with transparency. A leader who knows how to implement transparency can discern which information is important to each team member while providing them all of the tools they need to be successful 

Some leaders and managers misunderstand transparency. Rather than projecting stress and communicating every detail – which only increases stress and decreases productivity – it is more effective to give clear instructions, welcome questions, and provide the best resources so your team can get to work.  


Employees need to be able to feel safe with their leaders. A good leader is willing to accept responsibility when things don’t go perfectly. This can take some practice to admit fault, but leaders must assume responsibility and help steer their team in the right direction.  

Similarly, responsibility also means that you need to highlight and celebrate wins as a team. It might seem unbalanced that you have to accept responsibility for failures, but share wins with others. However, that is what a good leader does. They must put their ego aside to lift the team  


Good leaders can key into their employees’ personality styles, mood changes, and individual performance shifts. While this is one of the hardest and most time-consuming qualities to be proficient at, it’s also one of the most important  

Not only does empathy mean having compassion for people going through a difficult time, but it also means understanding their desires and motivations. When you can do this for your team and consider the strengths and weaknesses of their work, you can create a healthy environment that fosters growth and leadership 

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