Even though summer may seem like the peak season for construction work, there are construction jobs all year long. Just as you need to keep your workers safe during the heat of summer, you also need to consider how to keep them safe during winter weather as well. 

4 Ways to Keep Your Workers Safe During the Winter

Brush up on these safety tips specific for winter months.  

Inspect and Clear Sites

After a winter storm moves in, you must inspect and clear all work sites before your team begins. Check for down power lines, broken tree branches, and other damage that is likely to occur during a winter storm. 

Clear off snow and ice from all walkways, ramps, and other surfaces like ladders and scaffolding. Have a supply of salt or sand to melt icy patches and improve your workers’ traction. 

 Provided Heated Break Area 

When workers are cold, their bodies expel more energy to keep them warm, so it’s important to encourage your workers to take breaks. You need to provide a heated trailer or tent so workers can warm up during breaks and lunch. Depending on the weather conditions, you should also provide a way for workers to change out of wet clothing before returning to the job.  

If you bring in portable heating devices, you should also monitor the air’s CO2 levels and keep an eye on surrounding items and electrical outlets.  

Warm-Up Equipment and Tools

Heavy machinery will need to be warmed up before getting to work. Remind workers to read all instruction manuals and follow the warm-up directions to work well and not get damaged. 

Supply and Encourage Proper PPE

Just like other times during the year, construction workers must wear personal protective equipment. Here is a list of winter weather PPE to consider: 

  • Hard hats and liners 
  • Mittens and gloves that provide dexterity, especially when working with metal 
  • Anti-slip, waterproof boots 
  • Extra socks if steel toe boots are worn 
  • Goggles, safety glasses, and face masks treated with anti-fog spray 

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