The construction industry is one of the most dangerous for workers. Each year, thousands of workers suffer from serious injuries. With so many different moving parts going into completing a job, it’s important to take whatever steps you can to minimize injury risks. While several improvements have been made to construction safety measures, there are a few regular ways to enhance your workers’ safety.  

4 Ways to Keep Safety as Your Priority on a Construction Site

Keep these safety issues top-of-mind to help prevent injuries on the worksite. 


Talk about safety with your workers. From formal training to posting safety guidelines, the more you weave the subject into your workers’ day, the more they will consider how they can stay safe throughout their shift. Provide training opportunities for your workers. There are several in-person or online courses through OSHA. Another handy resource for supervisors is apps like the American Red Cross for standard first aid procedures 

Safety Gear

The first line of defense for construction workers is safety gear. Depending on the job, workers will need different personal protective equipment. Safety gear can include boots, hearing protection, hard hats, gloves, eyewear, harnesses, and gloves, to name just a few. Be sure to provide all the proper safety gear for your workers to keep them safe and show them how much you value their safety.   

Follow OSHA Guidelines

While some guidelines may seem unnecessary, they were created to keep you and your workers safe. Post OSHA safety guidelines and educate your workers about these processes. There should be a safety supervisor or point person who creates a safety plan, takes inventory of safety equipment and first aid kits, and evaluates potential risks on the site.   

Utilize Technology 

Technology is revolutionizing safety on the construction site. There are apps to track safety meetings, incidents, safety discussions, and more. iAuditor is used worldwide and can be used to track inspections, create checklists, and build reports. American Red Cross has an app that provides tips on First Aid and sends weather alerts. OSHA also has a Heat Safety Tool that will send reminders about how staying safe in extreme heat.  

Find Qualified Construction Workers 

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