Embracing change in the workplace is a necessary skill for any worker and manager. Technological shifts, staff, market trends, and processes change continuously, and managers need to adapt and set an example for their employees.

With practice, any manager and employee can become resilient and help lead their company to success no matter what changes may come.

3 Ways to Embrace Change in the Workplace

Acknowledging Feelings Around Change

In a busy, changing workplace, taking time to acknowledge your feelings and their source may seem like a burdensome task but it’s an incredibly important one. By understanding how you feel about the change taking place, you can help approach it with a rational mindset.

Once you can begin to acknowledge and handle your own feelings, you may help an employee who is having a difficult time processing the change.

Practice Empathy

Instead of casting blame or getting frustrated when a change happens in the workplace, try to practice empathy, and consider why that change may have had to take place. Focus on what you can control and move forward, setting an example for your employees.

Work with Your Employees

One of the best ways to embrace change in the office environment is for managers to work with employees. In fact, employees’ opinions and perspectives during a transition are extremely valuable and can help you weather the change better.

It’s crucial that managers communicate with their employees regularly, and maybe even extra during a transition. Communication during a change can clarify questions, streamline processes, create a greater sense of comfort, and help your employees embrace the change as well.

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