Nearly every industry has been disrupted in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. While no one can fully anticipate what’s next with social distancing, telecommuting, or other modifications workers have had to adopt, the construction industry is still moving forward. Even though there may be some changes to navigate still, there are a few trends experts are anticipating.

3 Construction Industry Trends in 2021

As a new year approaches, there’s a lot that we may want to put aside after 2020, but there are also some trends that are poised to boom.

  • Safety Remains a Priority

Job site safety is not necessarily a trend, but it’s always a priority. In the upcoming year, in addition to staying safe with heavy equipment and hazardous worksites, workers’ health will be the main focus.

Managers will become proficient at staggering shifts to make the job site less crowded. Keeping hand sanitizer and hand washing stations easily accessible and a detailed cleaning schedule will continue to be a priority for managers. These precautions will help keep your workers healthy all year round.

  • Living Materials

One of the most exciting trends in the construction industry is the development of living materials. These biological compounds grow themselves and are poised to move from the experimentation stage into full-scale production.

An example of this in action is self-mending concrete. It is concrete saturated with bacteria to bind materials around them into a new structural material. Growing in the pores of concrete, it can add to impermeability. It can also grow into fissures and cracks, repairing them. This promising solution has such potential and is also being tested in other building materials.

  • Remote Technology

The word “remote” has become a major buzzword in the workplace. However, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the construction industry is the largest adopter of the use of commercial drones. A drone can help contractors keep an updated estimate of building materials or equipment needs and make it easy to spot a safety issue. Just these two benefits of using a drone can have great financial implications for a construction company. Safety information can reduce insurance claims. Proper equipment and material assessment can help make necessary adjustments to manpower and scheduling to avoid delays.

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