Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the right candidate to fill your open positions. Despite all efforts, you come across candidates who lack experience, some who may not fit within your culture, or maybe who are overqualified and cost too much 

While it may be tempting to let the position go unfilled until you find the perfect candidate, leaving it open can negatively impact your team.  

Two Ways Unfilled Positions Can Affect Your Company 

An open position may not seem like a big deal, but there a couple of big ways your unfilled position can negatively affect your employees and overall success.  

Longer Hours 

There’s a reason you listed that position in the first place. That person is essential for your business to run smoothly. When you neglect to fill the position, the rest of your workers are left to pick up extra work and work longer hours.   

While this could be a reasonable request on a short-term basis, soon, those long hours will wear on your employees.   

Tension Among Employees

The longer your employees have to pick up the slack of the unfilled positions, the more you may notice that the quality of work slips and employee satisfaction also decreases. One reason performance takes a dive is from being overworked, but another reason may be because your employees have also become unmotivated and feel undervalued. 

These are harder to solve issues and will require much more attention than finding the right candidate. 

Fill Your Positions with Qualified Candidates

Don’t let your positions go unfilled. Contact Cabildo Staffing for professional assistance on finding the best candidates for your company. 

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