Technological advancements have made many tasks more efficient on the job site. One example is how construction project management software helps track productivity. However, before this tool became mainstream, managers used to rely fully on motivational tactics to increase productivity.   

While both technology and tried-and-true tactics are beneficial for construction employees to achieve success, it is a healthy combination of the two that is the best at keeping employees motivated and productive.  

3 Ways to Motivate Your Employees and Boost Productivity

Construction project management software measures the output, which is great for tracking productivity, but work quality and employee satisfaction are not tracked in this system and are very important. 

Celebrate Big and Small Achievements 

People love recognition for their achievements. When employees go a long time without recognition but continue to tick away on their accomplishments, it can bring down morale and even slow down their productivity  

To avoid this, recognize your employees’ achievements, whether they’re big or small. While some achievements may warrant a pay increase, not all recognition has to include big spending. Sending a company-wide email, a gift card to a favorite restaurant, or featuring your employee on your website are a few ideas. Some project managers have also tallied small achievements throughout the year to award their employees with a larger monetary gift.  

Constantly Engage

Construction project management software makes communication extremely easy. It can make announcements nearly instant. However, convenient communication through technology doesn’t replace authentic connections you make with your employees on a personal level.  

Even though your software can track progress, be sure to make rounds on the job site, checking in with team members, asking questions, taking suggestions, and ultimately, proving to your workers that you value their hard work and expertise.  

Lead by Example 

As a leader, you must keep an eye on your workers, but know that they are watching you as well. Show them a good work ethic, productive execution, attention to detail, and all the qualities you look for in their performance 

When you lead by example, not only will you be happier with your employees’ performance, but you will be respected as well. When your employees feel as though you’re working just as hard as they are, they are motivated to continue to do their best. 

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