You know your resume is extremely important. It’s the employer’s first impression and a snapshot of your professional story. And what’s the most important part of this story? Your work experience.

Writing about your past work experience must tell the hiring manager how you’ve done has prepared you for the job you’re applying to. Such an important part of your resume requires a lot of focus and attention. First, you’ll have to determine what to include, then how to write about it.

What Belongs in Your Work Experience

Your work experience can encompass everything related to your professional experience, from full-time jobs to contract work and even volunteer opportunities that utilized your professional skills.

While it’s a good idea to have a go-to resume, you should target each resume to the specific job you’re applying to. Knowing that, it’s important to consider listing work experience based on how relevant it is to the position.

What is Relevant Work Experience for Your Resume

Quite simply, relevant work experience is anything that you’ve done that applies to the position you’re applying to.

Choose roles that are most demonstrative of the job requirements and the skills needed in the job description.

What to Write for Your Work Experience

In addition to the job title, company, and time worked, list key skills and responsibilities that match what the job description requests. You can also briefly discuss your accomplishments and quantifiable successes in each role you list in your experience section. Don’t forget to utilize keywords in your resume to increase your chances of getting noticed by either ATS (applicant tracking systems) or the hiring manager.

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