A career as a construction manager is rewarding. Leading a team is a great responsibility and has many benefits but it’s also stressful.

Construction managers need to handle several moving parts on the job site, manage a team of workers, pay attention to safety, and meet deadlines and make budgets. It takes a qualified person to be a successful construction manager. Such a manager will deliver on all the above and build their team’s morale in the process.

4 Qualities a Good Construction Manager Must Have

If you need to find a construction manager for your company, be sure you look for these important qualities.

Flexible & Transparent Planning

Changes on a job site tend to happen quickly and have the potential to snowball, throwing the project off course if a construction manager cannot keep up with it flexibly and transparently. This means that a construction manager must know what is going on in every aspect of the project. With this skill, they will then be able to plan and coordinate the team to be flexible while still doing a quality job.

Possesses Emotional Intelligence

An important and sometimes overlooked quality for a construction manager is emotional intelligence. To effectively lead a team to complete a project successfully, a construction manager must lead, motivate, and understand how to read and utilize emotions.

Have Foresight into Risk Management

Before a project begins, a qualified manager will consider all the potential risks on the job. In this way, they’ll be better prepared to minimize setbacks when problems or mistakes inevitably happen.

Communicate Effectively

Finally, another important quality for a construction manager is good communication skills. Not only can effective communication help a team adjust to changes, but it can also help prevent mistakes or injuries. Construction managers will need to communicate with their team members face-to-face via email, text, phone, and even advanced software that can help expedite messages, no matter where they are on the job site.

Find a Qualified Construction Manager for Your Team

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