A proven program is getting a bit of a revamp. New Orleans is overhauling their inclusive hiring program, and it starts with a new name. The Equitable Business Development Committee is committed to making minority and women workers integral participants in government work.

What is the Equitable Business Development Committee?

This new name replaces the old “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise” title. The organization closely monitors how the city hires minority and women contractors to fulfill 35% of the work ordered. Under the Office of Supplier Diversity, this group functions as an integral part of government contracts and work orders.

To help fulfill the commitment to utilizing minority or women-owned businesses, the Office of Supplier Diversity is getting extra resources. They will now have a say in selecting city contractors, and they are receiving a software upgrade that will help track their equitable hiring goals.

Finding the Best Fit

In addition to just making sure that minority and women-owned businesses are hired, making a quota, new changes to how New Orleans reviews their bids will make a great difference.

Suppose the city has a large job that doesn’t make it easy for a smaller business to compete for. In that case, the Office of Supplier Diversity can break up the contract into smaller pieces so that minority, women-owned, and smaller companies have a fair chance in the bidding process. This levels the playing field and may allow unlikely companies to shine in their expertise.

Another way the new approach helps both minority and women-owned businesses and the city as well is that the software system will keep track of how the hired business performs on the job they do. In this way, companies won’t just win because of an exciting bid. It will help the city hire qualified, satisfactory companies instead of only looking good on paper.

While the changes may seem small, they are strategic to how the city puts out contracts and reviews bids, especially for minority and women-owned enterprises. These changes are important for businesses and workers to understand, and if you have any questions about how your work may be affected, it’s best to reach out.

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