Aside from the required schooling, training, and certifications, there are other skills that electricians need to be successful at their careers. Proficiency in these skills will not only help with your career, but they can also keep you and everyone around you safe.

5 Skills You Need to Be a Successful Electrician

To be a successful professional in the electrical industry, you need to excel in these five skills.

Mechanical Aptitude

This might seem obvious, but a good electrician would enjoy a type of project where you take things apart and put them back together. On the other hand, if a simple fix-it project at home makes you cringe, becoming an electrician will not be a fulfilling career.

Problem Solving Skills

Diagnosing and repairing electrical problems is a main part of the job. An electrician will mainly work alone after the apprenticeship period, so confidence in your problem-solving ability is a must. It’s critical to understand the problem, then investigate different ways to fix the problem to ultimately determine the best way to solve the problem at hand.

Reading Comprehension

Many work orders are received through written communication. It will be necessary for you to read these work orders and summarize your work effectively. This will be important for other electricians to understand so they can seamlessly work on the project after you.

Business Skills

While you may start out absorbing everything you can about being an electrician, you may find that your career leads you to become an independent contractor. Throughout your work as an electrician, learn business skills that will help you be more successful when you go out on your own. Knowledge of basic business practices like invoicing, tracking inventory, managing employees, and strategic planning are just a few areas you should become proficient in as you progress in your career.

Customer Service Skills

Depending on your position, you may interact with customers frequently. It’s important to develop a rapport with customers, especially homeowners, so you can make them feel at ease and confident in your ability to fix any issue effectively and safely.

Find a Steady Job in the Electrical Industry

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