For years, people have suggested having an “attitude of gratitude” to be happier in life. As it turns out, managers who have a similar outlook and express their thankfulness and appreciation to employees are more effective with their teams.

4 Ways Expressing Gratitude Makes You a Better Boss

While many qualities make you a good leader, here are four ways that showing appreciation to your team makes you more effective.

Increases Performance

A high-performing team often has a manager who recognizes employees’ hard work and accomplishments behind it. Employees feel encouraged when their managers acknowledge their hard work, which often leads to even better performance.

Leads to Greater Employee Satisfaction

Not only does showing your gratitude for their effort increase employee performance, but it also motivates your team, making them have even better satisfaction at their work. Happier employees work better, stay longer, and can be a major reason for your team reaching its goals.

It’s Contagious

A manager who puts out positive messages and messages about thankfulness in the workplace also encourages other office employees to have that “attitude of gratitude.” This can lead to an overall happier, more productive work environment.

Good for Business

Suppose the practice of showing recognition to your employees is so beneficial to your team and driving results. In that case, it’s easy to see how showing appreciation leads to an overall more successful company.

To make the most of these benefits, you should consider implementing a formal recognition program at your company. From hand-written thank you notes to recognition on social media, bonus structures, etc., there are so many ways to show your employees that you value their efforts and contribution.

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