A disadvantaged business enterprise, or DBE, is a for-profit small business when a socially or economically disadvantaged person owns at least 51% interest and controls management of the company. These small business owners create opportunities for themselves in addition to their employees and communities.

In addition to helping to create economic opportunity within your community, there are many operational reasons to work with a DBE.

  • Hiring DBE is a requirement

The federal government takes working with DBEs seriously – both with state and local authorities. Throughout the country, working with DBEs is a requirement and it’s even more so in larger, more diverse cities, including New Orleans.

  • Get an edge in bidding on projects

When companies meet or exceed DBE requirements, they often get an advantage when seeking contracts supported by the government. Since there is this incentive in place, many companies do their best to fulfill these requirements.

  • Track records of DBE companies are made public

Taxpayer money goes into government contracts and the DBE program, so the work of all DBE-certified businesses is under greater scrutiny. This means you can trust the track record. Plus, many DBEs are working extra hard to keep a positive reputation.

  • Getting started with a DBE is simple

You can find most DBEs listed on the internet through government websites and company listings. If you can’t find the DBE-certified firm you’re looking for, you can contact your state and get a list that way.

Get to Work With a DBE-Certified Business

To start taking advantage of the benefits of working with a DBE-certified business, contact Cabildo Staffing, a New Orleans DBE staffing firm. From recruiting and hiring needs to basic human resources responsibilities, Cabildo Staffing can help you be more productive and successful, in addition to reaping the benefits of working with a DBE.



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