Nighttime construction poses many benefits for both the crew and the public. There are less risks for workers or travelers to be injured, it reduces interruptions to commercial businesses, maintains traffic flow, and can potentially make the entire job run smoother and faster.

With all of these benefits, it can be a wonder why there isn’t more construction done at night. However, there are unique safety concerns that construction companies’ workers must be aware of to conduct their work safely.

  • Focus on Visibility

An obvious hardship of doing construction work during the night hours is darkness and visibility. It’s incredibly important to provide the proper lighting for your crew to get their work done safely, correctly, and as easily as it would be if it were in daylight. Factors for choosing proper lighting include where to put the lights, which types of lights are required, and whether the light will obstruct the peace or safety of private properties or drivers.

  • Plan for Noise

Noise is of more concern when working near residential areas. A plan needs to be in place to minimize noise. This can include using noise barriers as well as workers avoiding triggering backup alarms during work. It’s also important for these plans to focus on how to reduce vibrations throughout the surrounding areas.

  • Maintain Proper Insurance

While many of the same risks apply to night shift construction as the day shift, there are additional risks that need to be included in your insurance package. Some additional considerations are dangers due to inadequate lighting and the overall health and performance of your workers. Be sure to check with your company’s liability insurance before moving forward with including night shift work into your construction plans.

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