While every industry experiences unique turnover rates, every industry experiences employee attrition. As a manager, it’s important to reduce employee attrition for a variety of reasons. From costs associated with hiring and training new employees to company morale, strategically reducing employee attrition will have a positive impact on the entire company.

To minimize even natural employee attrition, follow these tips. You can help save your company money in hiring costs, as well as improve employee morale and company culture.

Communicate Your Vision

Take some time and tell your employees what your business stands for by sharing the vision of the company. When your employees understand what is driving the business, it can keep them motivated and dedicated, even while doing smaller tasks.

Optimize Recruitment

It’s important to optimize your recruitment process by setting clear and specific expectations. You should relate a clear job description and outline requirements for previous knowledge and work experience. During the hiring process, ask for work-related reference instead of personal ones, and be sure to verify work history before extending a job offer.

When you are focused on your process, you will be more successful in finding the right candidate for the open position.

Improve Work Conditions

Work benefits go a long way when trying to staff your team with the best talent. Companies have to go above providing a fridge and basic water cooler. Consider what will matter most to your employees. Maybe flexible hours one day a week will excite your team, or maybe stocking your break room with healthy snacks and beverages will keep them energized for their hard work.

In addition to small perks in the office, you can also consider implementing work performance programs that can help employees earn extra benefits when they exceed their performance goals.

Create a Pleasant Workplace

Since your employees (and you) spend a good chunk of their lives in the workplace, try to make it one that is pleasant and enjoyable instead of stark and drab. A workplace, no matter the industry, can energize and engage employees when created thoughtfully. Creating spaces that invite collaboration, learning, and conversation is a simple way to help keep your staff positive, motivated, and productive.

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