There’s a lot that determines the success of an interview. While it can be overwhelming, with proper preparation, you can make a lasting impression during a job interview.

One of the best ways you should prepare for your interview is to understand how to connect with your interviewer. This can help build rapport, calm your nerves, and help the experience be overall positive.

Be Friendly & Personable

Be genuine in your interactions, personal warmth, and positive emotions. While it’s natural to be a bit nervous, try to let your genuine friendly personality shine through. You don’t have to be unnaturally chipper or smile too often, but don’t forget that smiling and being enthusiastic during your interview are effective ways to connect with your interviewer and make a lasting impression.

Show Interest in the Interviewer

During the warm-up time of the interview, it’s an opportune time to start some small talk with your interviewer. Simple, friendly questions, like, “how long is your commute?” can help break the ice and make the person more relaxed. Getting your interviewer a little more at ease will also help you feel less anxious as well and help the interview be comfortable.

Make it Personal

When it’s appropriate, share some personal information about yourself during the interview. Maybe a relevant volunteering experience or hobby fits in nicely in your conversation. This helps you become more relatable to the interviewer.

Remember Eye Contact is Important

No matter what you and the hiring manager are discussing, don’t forget to establish eye contact. Without making it uncomfortable, maintaining eye contact demonstrates that you are attentive and engaged in your conversation.

Get Interview Tips & Coaching

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