The business world has become more demanding than ever, with workers having greater responsibilities and high levels of stress. When workers experience ongoing stress, it often leads to fatigue, anxiety, and even burnout. It’s no surprise that stress in the workplace negatively affects everything from employee health and morale to productivity.

When stress begins to affect a few of your employees, their low morale, fatigue, or even dissatisfaction in the workplace can also spread to other employees, creating an unfortunate ripple effect.

Thankfully, there are a variety of ways that managers can help their employees combat stress in the workplace. And just as negativity can spread, so can a positive and healthy attitude.

Don’t Encourage Working Overtime

Unknowingly, managers and supervisors may be contributing to their employees working overtime. Resist from constantly checking the progress of their work, instead trust that your employees can do their jobs.

Employees are often doing extra work even after leaving the office, like answering emails. Try to establish boundaries with your employees so they know you don’t expect to get responses to emails if it’s after the workday. Everyone needs time to unwind, spend with their family, and regain their energy for the next day.

Offer a Flexible Working Environment

Each productive employee who stays at the company for the long run is a valuable asset to the organization. Employers need to reward their hard-working employees with additional incentives, and this can include flexible work arrangements.

Logistically, this will vary for each company and worker, but offering employees the ability to work from home on certain days of the week is a major perk. Just a few days a month of working from home has shown to decrease stress and increase productivity for employees.

Avoid Multitasking

A common mistake is multitasking in the office. Unfortunately, many workers feel that if they multitask, they’ll be able to tackle more of their responsibilities. This is untrue. Not only do workers accomplish less, but the quality of their work suffers.

Multitasking also drains energy reserves in the brain, contributing to increased fatigue and stress in employees.

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