As you are well aware, working in construction is inherently dangerous. There are many risks involved, even seasoned workers, from working with high-power equipment to the hazardous job site. That’s why it’s especially important to be sure that new construction workers begin their time on the job safely, with thorough onboarding.  

Many factors impact the safety of new construction workers: 

  • Organizational Safety Culture 
  • Past Experiences 
  • Worker Attitude 
  • Project Scope 

A new hire needs to be properly introduced to how your construction business conducts its work and all of the safety procedures, training, and protocols that you have in place.  

3 Ways to Make Safety A Focus in Onboarding

Follow these tips to ensure that new workers understand that construction site safety is your company’s main value. 

Consider Safety During the Hiring Process

To truly commit to a safety culture at your construction company, you need to hire workers who will contribute to job site safety. Utilize approved pre-screening practices to find the right fit for your organization: 

  • References 
  • Drug and Alcohol Screens 
  • Professional Certification Verifications 
  • Workers’ Compensation History

Safety Training

All new construction workers must go through formal safety training. OSHA requires training for all new employees and has a wealth of training for companies to utilize. A few of the required pieces of training are: 

  • Emergency Preparedness 
  • Hazard Communication 
  • Equipment  
  • Fall Protection 
  • Personal Protective Equipment 

Commitment from Management

The owner or president of the company should have a personalized message including in every new hire’s onboarding package. Whether it’s a letter or a video message, this is an effective way to show new workers that everyone values safety at the company, especially managers. 

It must be said that just a message will not do. From this point forward, workers need to see management demonstrating how important safety on the worksite is by their actions. 

Streamline Your Hiring and Onboarding Processes with the Pros

For more hands-on help in the hiring and onboarding processes, contact Cabildo Staffing. We can help you find competent workers and help you get them started right away. 

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