Coronavirus has rocked the world and nearly every industry. While much is still being learned about this new respiratory virus, there is still a lot each person can do to stay healthy while returning to work and living a productive life.  

Protect Yourself & Coworkers at the Job Site

Potential sources of exposure to COVID-19 include having close contact with a person who has the virus or touching a contaminated surface before touching your face, nose, or mouth. Here are ways to minimize the spread of the virus and protect yourself as well: 

  • Notify your supervisor if you are sick or showing signs of COVID-19. Work with your manager to follow the recommendations made by the CDC to keep the virus contained. 
  • Limit close contact with your coworkers when possible. 
  • Wear cloth face coverings or your own personal protective equipment to stop the spread of the virus if you are asymptomatic. 
  • Clean and disinfect equipment and surfaces you touch after each use or before you change your shift. 
  • Wash hands frequently with soap or use hand sanitizer.

Stay Educated 

Encourage your employer to keep all workers informed of new developments, regulations, or advice from medical professionals. However, you must take it upon yourself to work responsibly and safely. If you have questions, speak to your supervisor, and regularly check with the CDC for any questions you may have.  

Find a Reliable Job During Uncertain Times

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